Aeon Flux

I can’t see how the movie could be as good as the cartoon, but I’m interested in seeing how Aeon Flux is adapted to the big screen. There does, in the trailer, seem to be some small hints of what made the original series so unique and stylish. I’ll have to ask John if I can borrow his copy of the original again.

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  1. From what I saw of the scenes/trailers at SDCC, they’re trying to get it so it makes sense. Not sure if that’s going to happen. Lot of cool shots, and Charlize Theron is, of course, like lava.

    But it looks like a lot of style and no substance.

  2. Charliz did a lot of work getting in shape for the movie, however, she insisted on not wearing the outfit that Aeon Flux wore. That is, she insisted on no bare legs.
    How could a decent producer put the show on film without her hallmark outfit?
    What else was changed about the show when it was made into a movie? I’ll wait for it to be broadcast on cable.

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