Strangely when I loaded up Firefox today most of my bookmarks were gone. That’s a damn shame because I had a lot of work related bookmarks (links to armor & weapon sites, etc) that took me a long time to put together. Maybe they’re still in my old Internet Explorer files.

Day 2 of the con was pretty good. We raffled off seven lots of books and gaming stuff. Some of them easily had two dozen products or more, including hardcover books and miniatures and dice sets etc etc. It was a success and great fun. I also had a lot of fun playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying today – I played two blocks that Shawn ran, and my character was a dwarf mercenary. The world of Warhammer is quite different from D&D and I like it. It’s grim, grimy, grisly and gritty. Magic makes you go crazy and backfires. Just seeing abominable horrors can make you go run in fear (something that rarely happens in D&D). When you hit someone, you actually know whether you hit them in the head, arm or whatever, and critical hits make a little more sense. I’m looking forward to finally getting my contributor copies of the books. In the adventures we fought some skaven (rat-folk) and this giant mutant skaven, and some skeletons, and a vampire! And a DEMON of Tzeench! And we got sucked into a magic book. It was fun, and there were lots of yucks.

I schedule a Call of Cthulhu the card game demo but nobody showed! So I just gave David an extra booster pack from letting me demo it with him the day before. Not to worry, I’ll demo it again and again until I get some players. It’s not quite as good as Mythos but it does have some merit.

I almost changed my schedule tomorrow so that I could sleep in, but I decided against it. Tomorrow morning I’m playing in a World of Middle Earth game that Brian is running. I heard the Dr Who game went well and also Denzil broke out her Arkham Horror on Saturday, but I didn’t have a chance to look at it.

For my GM swag I grabbed some miniatures, and couple with the tradesies I had lying around previously, I’ve come back with some pretty cool monster minis from trading with other people at the con. I’m sure they’ll come in useful, sooner or later. I also sold some books to Mbeck so financially the weekend wasn’t an entire write off.

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  1. Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape’s main drawback has always been the single Bookmark file. Microsoft’s Favorite system is definitely better, as each link is a separate file.

    May I suggest the Firefox extension “Plain Old Favorites”, which allows you to use your Windows Favorites within FF, avoiding the Bookmarks completely. The only drawback is you have to manually editing a config file to remove the old Bookmarks menu:


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