HPL's Birthday Party, Day One

Yesterday was pretty good! I ran Spaceship Zero again and the best encounter was when the robots became charmed by the slave girl – but not in the way she wanted. She rolled 00 (horrible blunder) so I made them want to forcibly kiss her to the exclusion of all else. The rest of the encounter was the group trying to neutralize the robot threat while the slave girl simply tried to get away from them.

There was a drunk guy at the con, which I think was a first. Sadly Mbeck was not feeling well so the CoC game in the last block was cancelled. I played the CoC CARD GAME with Dbradley instead.

Today we’re going to have the big raffle, so that should be fun. Plus I’m playing 2 games of Warhammer. I wish the folks at Green Ronin had gotten me my copy of the rulebook before now, so I could have my own for the game, but sadly it doesn’t look good.
I’m also demoing the CoC card game. Good thing I had that run through with David, now I more or less know how to play.