In the words of Warren…

“What is with this band?”

One of my pet peeves is unreliability.
If you cannot commit to something, say that you can’t commit – that you’re unsure – that you can’t do it. Don’t say that you can.
Once you make a commitment – you make a commitment.
Barring emergency.
Looks like we’re not going to the Penny Arcade Expo.

3 Replies to “In the words of Warren…”

  1. You are remarkablely calm Toren, but you do seem to have the nature. I’d be taking hostages by this point! Very sad news for all the fans and for your dedication.

  2. Huh. Well let me add to the sentiment…that bites. Even tho I have no hope in hell of making PAX I find your bandmates lack of commitment disturbing. Perhaps I should put the Sith whammie on the SOBs? No no, that would be counter-productive. OK, lets take this as a *building block*…no PAX means working thrice as hard on that new album. Onward and upward!

  3. I talked to Mario over the phone and after some negotiation it looks like we MAY still be able to play. Fingers crossed and then maybe borders crossed.

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