Marketing Sin

Who the hell is going to buy four copies of a DVD because they have different covers?

Especially when that movie is Sin City.

Collect them all, my hairy yellow butt.

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  1. Word is that it’s just the cardboard slipcover and that the actual DVD cases inside are all the same. I throw those covers away anyway, so no big deal.

    What’s more annoying is that there’s word (again with word) that there will be a “Special Edition” of Sin City on DVD in a few month’s time, so if you want to get the Really Good Edition, hold off on buying this release right now.

  2. I’ve got one in my hands right now, and I can confirm that it’s only the cardboard slip cover. Each of the four has a different pair from the movie. I opted for Marv & Goldie. The DVD itself has the poster image that had a group of five, with Hartigan on point, and a long distance view of Marv.

    I have read about the Special Edition, but Rodriguez seems to be in no hurry to get it ready, and this version was on sale and has DTS sound.

  3. So the question is…did you see Sin City at the theatre? If so do you have an overwhelming need to see the film again so soon?

    If the SE version of the Disc is gonna happen within a year or so simply wait for it. Also not worth getting this current version if they haven’t allowed RR to include the newest installment of ‘Ten minute _____ing school’ on this one.

    Some time you’ll discover that the anticipation of having something turns out to be far more enjoyable than actually having it. Or maybe I heard that in a movie somewhere.

  4. I did not see Sin City at all. And I have no real urge to. I’m sure I’ll be around when somebody is watching it somewhere some time before I die. I didn’t care for the original comic so seeing the movie is not a priority, plus their marketing makes me want to boycott it.

  5. Roger on the wanting to kill the marketing departments of pretty much every movie that comes out nowadays and the normally crass release of a *special edition* version of the film in order to real in a few more dollars of profit. I do have to give New Line some credit for making it quite clear that a ‘Special Edition’ DvD versions of all the Lord of the Rings films were in the pipe and that anyone who bitched at them simply wasn’t paying attention.

    I’m curious about the ‘not inclined to see it’ remark. Oddly enough I’m sort of similarly inclined largely because I get the sense that Frank Miller mistakes excessive violence and misogyny as making an *adult* comic whereas someone like Alan Moore seems to believe that a story that makes you think about social and political reality is *adult*.

    Frankly I’m curious about performances and the technology involved in making Sin City but I’m pretty clear that the associated nastiness are a turn off.

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