I don't really care about CanCon…

I don’t really care about CanCon, but American commercials upset me just slightly more than non-American ones, so there you have it. Plus I’m a SOCAN member so I stand, in theory, to get more royalties if the Thickets music gets used somehow somewhere.

As a result of recent CRTC decisions, two U.S. satellite radio companies, fronted by Canadians, will soon be flooding Canada with American programs – only 10% of the channels are required to be Canadian. Years of effort to build Canadian programming and artists, especially Canadian music, are at risk.

SOCAN, along with more than 20 other national creator, cultural and labour organizations, has joined hands with Friends of Canadian Broadcasting to petition the federal cabinet to set aside the two satellite pay radio decisions, and to propose a made-in-Canada solution. This coalition believes that the CRTC’s decisions, if allowed to stand, will set a dangerous precedent and create a slippery slope for the future of Canadian content on radio and television – and new broadcast technologies.

If you support this action, you can help defend Canadian content by sending a message to Prime Minister Paul Martin now, urging him to set aside the CRTC’s satellite radio decisions and to instruct the CRTC to find a Canadian approach to satellite radio.

To send a message, click on the link below or copy-and-paste into your browser:


For more information, go to www.friends.ca

SOCAN is also aligned with nine other Quebec-based artist, composer and cultural organizations to similarly request that the Privy Council reverse the CRTC’s decisions. For more information, click on the link below or copy-and-paste into your browser:

Click to access press_release.pdf

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  1. Wow. That’s crazy. You should leave Canada and come to the United States where things like this never happen.


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