Week in Review

The one week long train trip of no-junk food went along pretty smoothly. There were a couple of pennies on the track but no derailments. Of course Kelly’s D&D session chocolates never count. I celebrated my victory over sugar and fat today by having a small banana strawberry licorice blizzard and then I felt sick. Not only that but it did nothing to alleviate the heat. My next train trip will be 2 weeks long, and I believe it will start now.

Last weekend I went into Chilliwack with Marlo and we hung out with the Woodses. Marlo had a birthday brunch at the Airport Cafe and I had no-sugar added blackberry pie and it was tasty on my pastie. We took a dunk in their new pool, played some 4-way Godzilla on the X-Box and went to a garage sale. Probably other stuff too.

This week has been mostly filled with painting zombies, but I also got in some tennis with Stephane. Oh and I saw Yvonne as well! That was exciting. I wanted to go see Rodin but no time. No time.

I saw most of Troy and it stunk, although the fight scene with the spears was pretty innovative.
I saw The Big Sleep and it was good. (Here’s a test, what movie replaced it on the “movies to see” sideboard of this blog?)
I saw something else and I don’t remember.

Oh and I just got a hair cut – shaved really but not to the scalp. With a little rogue blonde bit sticking out at the front. And Marlo painted my nails.

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