Scoring at the Yards and Garages

There were tons of garage/yard sales today, and I stopped by probably 10 on my way home from Marlo’s this morning. There was one cluster of them on 14th and Ontario, and one of the tables was run by Mrs Glick from the Simpsons. “No, Ned. JUST candy! Ninety dollars!” I didn’t buy anything from any of the 5 or 6 tables there just because of her. Although they did have a bag of army men with some plastic trees that would have been useful for D&D, but the bag wasn’t priced and the guy in charge of the sale was 20 feet away and talking to someone else, so he screwed himself out of a sale! Not that I would have paid more than 75 cents for the bag. So he screwed himself out of three quarters!

At another one, much closer to my house, I found a board game which I’m giving to Sherane, and a video tape with 3 episodes of PeeWee’s Playhouse. The tape was encase in…yes…one of those black plastic cases that I have on my wish list! Double trouble for just a buck.

This morning I had breakfast at Reno’s for the first time ever. The food was cheap and edible. Marlo was sexy even when she was spilling orange juice (or because?). And Marlo and I played Knights of the Old Republic before we left and a wookiee joined our group, and we killed a rancor. That was fun. The combat in the game is really awkward. I don’t care for it.

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  1. I got used to the combat system eventually after I realised that it was similar to Neverwinter Nights.

    Both are by Bioware and use the same game engine (i think). Combat gets much easier once you’ve left the Jedi stuff behind on Tatooine. A couple of good hits kills anything.

    But beware the Dark Side…

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