My Birthday Month & Tidbits

My birthday is on the 28th. I figure I’ll have another birthday auction some time, I don’t know when. Probably not this month because gosh, there’s just too much excitement in June already.

In celebration of my upcoming celebration, here’s the ongoing Tortor Wish List.

Lord of the Rings soundtrack (any)
Muppet Show 25th Anniversary

Challenge of the Superfriends complete first season or second season
Complete Superman Cartoons: Diamond Anniversary Edition
Jonny Quest Season 1 (low priority)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (low priority)
Princess Mononoke (low priority)
My Neighbor Totoro

Books (not to be purchased at Chapters please!):
Tales of Freeport
Professor Wormbog and the Search for the Zipperump-a-zoo (low priority)
Dungeon magazine subscription

Practically any miniatures that look cool – especially of monsters that I don’t already have and “rare” minis like female gnome monks, that sort of thing.
D&D Miniatures:
Hook Horror
Gibbering Mouther!!!!!!
Ochre Jelly
Carrion Crawler
Displacer Beast

Those black plastic VHS tape cases
Nyarlathotep and/or shoggoth plush doll
Sripey socks (not sports socks)

You know what rhymes with Torlo? TORGO! Also I wanted to point out torgo web site. Check out the t-shirt!

SW Trivia time: what is the name of the staff-like things that the tusken raiders use?

Tenacious D has begun recording music for their upcoming film, Pick of Destiny. Here are some other interesting tidbits of news: It was uncertain whether Boston could host a convention for minority journalists in 2008 because the city has a law requiring that all Native Americans who enter the city be arrested. The US Senate approved $82 billion in emergency funding for the war (just think what I could do if they gave that money to me instead). Children in the western world were hitting puberty earlier, often at age seven; researchers suggested that this was due to indifferent fathers, childhood obesity, exposure to pesticides, or watching too much television. In Brazil, a man and his parents were murdered when the man lost a real-life role-playing murder game. Australian researchers were working to clone the extinct Tasmanian tiger (finally a worthy use for cloning! Hooray! First Tasmanian tigers, next woolly mammoths!). Wal-Mart apologized for running an advertisement that equated current Arizona zoning ordinances with the Nazi regime. Researchers at Cornell University developed a robot that can build copies of itself from spare parts (Janet are you listening?) and in Utah, a high school teacher brought his class to see the dissection of a live dog. “I thought,” he said, “that it would be just really a good experience.”

I want to watch Raiders this afternoon, for obvious reasons.
“Perhaps you could warn them, if only you spoke Hovitos.”

8 Replies to “My Birthday Month & Tidbits”

  1. Oh man, I was looking forward to a little stubble action…

    And it’s spelled “Gaffé” stick BTW!

  2. SHUT UP CHRIS, you’re just jealous! It’s okay, next time we see you, I’ll let Toren kiss you.

    [I’d never seen it written down before. Is there really an accent?]

  3. i heard it was called a guffaw stick at first until someone pointed out what guffaw meant to Lucas.

    true story.

  4. But which part of the story is true – that someone pointed out or that you heard? Or both?

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