China! And other news

Here’s some news about China just for Marlo.

In late March, Wal-Mart opened a store in the ancient city of Taiyuan. And check out Wal-Mart announced that it would export $18 billion worth of Chinese goods, and also China put a halt to the practice of using naked women for plates in sushi restaurants.

In Britain, Ford Motor Company suspended seven workers when they were caught looking at woman-on-octopus pornography on company computers.

A California man was arrested because he lived in a tent for two weeks in order to buy tickets to the new Star Wars movie; his doing so violated a requirement that, as a sex offender, he let police know if he changed lodgings.

It turned out that a grenade that landed one hundred feet away from George W. Bush during a recent speech in Tbilisi, Georgia, was not a training device but had simply failed to work. [wouldn’t have hurt him anyway, at 100′ away]

People in Zanzibar were living in fear of a sexually rapacious, sodomy-prone goblin named Popo Bawa

Dr. W. David Hager, the George W. Bush-appointed adviser to the FDA and a vocal opponent of emergency contraception, abortion, and pre-marital sex, was accused by his ex-wife of anally raping her on a regular basis over many years. Hager is the author of the books As Jesus Cared for Women and, with his wife, Stress and the Woman’s Body.