Dr Where?

Dr Who was pre-empted due to the BC Election last night. Why? Do we really need to know who is counting what on every channel? Can’t they just give us the results once the counting is done, say, during a normal news hour program?

I voted for the Green Party, by the way. It’s kind of like spoiling my ballot because they never win. I was saying to Stewie, if the Work Less Party and the More Sex Party joined forces, then they’d really have something.

Meanwhile, SW III: The Sithening opens tonight at midnight. I’ve heard (of) 2 good reviews so far, one from a friend whose tastes in movies I trust. He didn’t say it was great, but he did say “Certainly, I did not care for episodes 1 and 2, beyond a few choice scenes. Having seen the final cut of the new film, I do recommend seeing it. Lucas’ claims that the movie has relevance to the Bush administration and the average American’s approach to freedom may sound over-stated, but it’s valid. Best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back. May sway more voters than
Michael Moore. That goof Lucas may have redeemed himself. Dammit.”

I don’t plan on seeing it on opening night (I don’t like opening nights because I don’t like crowds), but a few more good reviews will get me into the theater sooner or later.