Marlo bleached my hair this weekend and my scalp objected by having a bad reaction to it. At first I thought the crusty bits of hair were spots that somehow passed un-shampooed, but it turns out that it was some kind of nameless ichor that oozed out of my head. This has happened once before. Welcome to my blog, everybody!

Oh my! What a busy weekend! Oh my my my my my my MY! Drawing, eating out, watching The Birds and the last 2 Enterprise episodes and Justice League and misc. The coming weekends will be busier still as Cloud City approaches but not before Chris’ birthday smellabration. Also a Painting Potluck Party and 2 gaming nights fill the week days. I want to write a poem about it all, but no time!

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  1. “…ichor that oozed out of my head” Oh my, I do sense lyrics for a new tune just bubbling under the ooze. But look on the bright side, you had Marlo playing with your hair! πŸ™‚

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