Red Five Standing By.

At the last Star Wars Celebration, George Lucas announced plans for a live action Star Wars spinoff TV series. I actually think this is good news. Look what happened with the backlash of Phantom Menace – things got a lot tighter in Attack of the Clones. To wit, very little Jar Jar. Am I using “to wit” properly? Anyway – I think there is a new hope (pun intended) in a more or less separate medium and story. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean, make some better casting choices than in eps 1-3, and hopefully send the directing chores out to somebody competent. As a storyteller, Lucas is not bad. As a creative visionary, he’s great. Hopefully enough people have been yelling at him that he’ll start to wise up.

“I’m going to get it started and hire the showrunners and all of that, then I’ll probably step away.”

Hopefully that ‘probably’ becomes a ‘definitely’.

Of course if Revenge of the Sith is worse than Attack of the Clones, my optimism may sag. But still – even if this TV series does suck, so what? It will join the ranks of the ewok adventures. The franchise has already been pissed on so much, I don’t really see how much more damage could be done. I look forward to the opportunity of seeing more old British actors mucking about in star destroyers.

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  1. Your usage is correct, I think the spelling is “whit”, but don’t quote me on that.

    Just think about the Green House, Toren. And remember that it used to be white.

  2. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

    One entry found for to wit.

    Main Entry: to wit
    Pronunciation: t&-‘wit
    Function: adverb
    Etymology: Middle English to witen, literally, to know — more at WIT
    : that is to say : NAMELY


    to wit
    prep. that is to say. Example: “the passengers in the vehicle, to wit: Arlene Jones, Betty Bumgartner and Sherry Younger.”


    You’re welcome.

    Also, I think that the Clone Wars animated series is fantastic, and look forward to the live-action series. Truly, how can they screw it up any worse than the new films?

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