Star Wars

Today while drawing I watched both episode I and II. I just found out that they’re playing the first 20 episodes of Clone Wars (the cartoon) on Teletoon this weekend, so that will be a nice little uh…bonus. I noticed things I had never noticed before in Attack of the Clones, which was strange. I wonder if in a few years George Lucas will decide to digitally replace Hayden Christensen with a better actor. Seriously…I was watching the scenes between him and Natalie Portman and wishing I was there because even I could breathe more life into his role, and he’s probably had a lot more acting experience than I.

Has everyone seen the alternate ending to Empire yet?

2 Replies to “Star Wars”

  1. The alternate ending is too damn funny (although sadly true).

    Hayden Christensen’s performance made me long for Jake Lloyd. I wonder why Lucas didn’t just cast Keanu or Ashton Kucher. To be fair to Hayden, though, some actors just need good direction (which I’m sure he didn’t get) and acting against a green screen must be harder than acting on location (although Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, etc. made it look easy and natural in Sin City).

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