Honk off, hoser.

Everyone: It’s “look-see” not “looksie.” Now that we’re clear on that, I can tell you about the garage sale on my very block that netted me three new ginsu knives and a small whisk and a wooden spoon for $4. I’m pleased. They also had a brand new futon for sale so hurry – 1046 W 13th. The girl was nice, lived here for a year and a half and is now moving back to Australia. I want to go to New Zealand. I wonder if the cost of living in cheaper there.

And when I was walking across Broadway at Oak, there were two people turning left from Broadway onto Oak St. The second guy was honking at the first guy because the first wasn’t going, even though there were no cars coming. So obviously, he needed a good honking. Oh wait! There’s an old man with a cane slowly crossing on the crosswalk and he has right of way! I hope the honker felt stupid…because I hate him. Him and all honkers. I think Stewie’s with me on this one.

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  1. Honkers are fuckers!

    The horn is for alerting, not for alarming. You want to talk to the cars around you about how much you hate them, then get out of the car – or get a bullhorn on the roof, but spare us your spastic honky morse code.

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