Somewhere a disappointed 10-year-old is crying himself to sleep.

So I entered a contest on the teletoon website some time ago, and I didn’t really pay attention to what the prizes were or anything, I just did it for kicks.

And I won!

So they tried to send me my prizes at home, but I was at work, so I called and had the box rerouted to my work on Wednesday. So just before lunch the box came and everyone came from the aisles to see what I got. And oh! Fun but stupid spy toys. Like the “Spy Vision Goggles” which purport night vision, but in fact they just have little lights on the side of the goggles that extend 25′. So, they’d be useful for when you’re looking for that screwdriver you dropped behind the couch. And the “Spy Link Tw0-Way Walkie Talkies” which look pretty cool because they’re hands-free. And the XP-6 (much better than the XP-5) model Spy Watch which is touted as the “ultimate wrist gadget” and includes a pop up telescope and a pretty cool function: motion alarm with time stamp. So if you, say, put it around your doorknob, you’ll know if somebody came into your room and at what time. The Eye-Link communicators are pretty cool – 2 keyboard transmitters and 2 headset displays. Basically they’re like text messaging but instead of a cell phone you get a cyberpunk like eye display and a little keyboard that attaches to your arm. It also came with a Teletoon note pad and pen which I’ve already put to use. The rest of the stuff I’ll probably be putting on eBay. The Spy Vision goggles are already up.

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