In Media Respite

I just saw a commercial for Molson Canadian in which a bunch of “hot” girls are making sexy faces to the viewer. The last girl said “I am so mad at my boyfriend” and made ‘fuck me’ faces. The message? Drink beer and be an enabler for infidelity! YEAH!!! Good old TV, marching us to utopia one commercial at a time.

5 Replies to “In Media Respite”

  1. Okay, sexy girls making “fuck me” faces are bad? Hmmmm, I think I’m missing something in this message. Too be honest, I’d skip the beer and go straight to the infidelity. Would that be a better message, beer bad, fucking good? I guess I’m just not getting the spin on this thing, cuz Girl+Sex=Happy Boy, which is just wrong. Right?

  2. Now Michael, I know you wouldn’t! Especially if the boyfriend she’s mad at is me! Or the boyfriend is the machete-carrying type. Or both.

  3. I have yet to encounter the ‘Fuck Me’ face in the wild. Off to the liquor store I go…

  4. You’ve taken this commercial way too far, this is about buddies doing crazy shit together out of know where and making up funny stories to get these hot chicks. The part with the teacher is just every guys fantasy to meet up with their hot hot teaching who they had during school. And the black guy is just a buddy that everyone has, just the guy who you can always count on for a good time man, this commercial is real.

  5. This commercial is just hot, period. Music’s great, concept is original, chicks are beautiful (especialy the one on the airplane…damn!!). Slam dunk for Molson, I guess, but their beer tastes like piss so it will only make me buy Fatboy Slim’s CD.

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