Now I'm Lost too

Marlo and I watched the first 3 episodes of Lost last night. They were pretty good, except one sequence where there was happy music and everyone was being nice to eachother. That was awkward. For those who don’t know, it’s a tv show about survivors on a plane crash who are ‘castaway’ on a jungle island. There’s the hero-doctor, the heroine ex con, the redneck, the ex-military saudi, the mysterious old man, the vietnamese couple who don’t speak english, the man and possibly his son (it’s not stated) whose mother had died, and the enigmatic old man. Oh, and the vain bitch and her ditsy brother. There are apparently monsters on the island, but all we’ve actually seen is a ferocious polar bear. One of the people got killed by something with tremendous strength, but instead of being eaten was left high in a tree. There better be a good reason why he wasn’t eaten. Some predators save their lunches by burying them or keeping them high in trees, but that’s usually cats. And these monsters come across as quite big (thundering footsteps and pushing trees aside), so it’s weird that they would kill this guy and leave him intact, just bloodied up.

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  1. Lost Rocks! Think “fantastic planet” meets mystery island with a tad of” the prisoner”. Watch the charactor John Locke, he seems to have tapped
    into the spirit of the Island. He is very much like a shaman. I think the show is a tad slow, but, I bellieve the long slog through the main charactors
    flashbacks will be worth it. -Jeff C

  2. Mel & I have been very impressed with Lost. My only problem with it is that I’m worried they’ll have X-Files-itis and set up all these mysteries without any real plan so that when it comes time to explain everything it’ll just a hodgepodge of shoddy writing to try to patch all the plot holes. If they do have a plan, I’ll keep watching!

  3. I just don’t like J.J. Abram’s habit of dragging everything out to create suspense, but then never really telling you anything. He also directed Alias, and that show was SOOOOO bad for that. I don’t mind a bit of that – Buffy was full of that – but in Alias it was ridiculously over the top. So like, in the third episode we watched last night, almost the whole episode is about Kate’s past, and how she’s a criminal, and right at the end she’s gonna tell Jack what it was she did, and then Jack (who has been wanting to know all episode) is like, “No, don’t tell me. It doesn’t matter.” ARG. CHEAP STORYTELLING. Save it for sweeps, right guys? 😛

  4. I’ve been loving it from the beginning. Just wait. Later on you’ll get to an episode featuring Mira Furlan (sp?) of Babylon 5 fame. Damn, she still looks good. Jeff is right — Locke is by far the most interesting character. Note that a number of the characters are named after philosophers, literary characters etc.

    Theory I’ve read is that they’re all actually dead and in Purgatory.

  5. Ahhh Miraaaa Yes, what a goddess! I miss Babylon 5…..and Mira of course! Miraaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

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