OK does anyone know what the deal is with the “no more late fees” thing at Crockcluster? Because I already know it’s bullshit and will probably make me mad.

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  1. barring free rentals, i don’t frequent blockbuster (i oppose their tactic of censoring films that they carry) but i hear that they take your credit card number and if you fail to respond to a few warning shots, they simply charge you for the cost of the movie.

    of course, i’m sure this is incomplete or wrong so perhaps a google search or a phone call to blockbuster will enlighten us all?

  2. here is what i found out (true or not?)

    As of yesterday, BlockBuster retail stores will not be charging late fees on all rentals! You can keep the games/movies for 7 days on top of the allowed time, but if you pass the 7 days they will charge it as a sale (minus the rent fee) to your credit card. This hasn’t been confirmed at all stores, so be sure to ask before renting.

    according to a posted comment to this news…

    I used to work at Blockbuster, and my girlfriend still works there. If you keep the movie for 7 days past the return date the movie will be charged to your account, but as far as I know they can’t charge your card without approval. If you return the movie within 30 days they’ll remove the sale of the movie from your account and charge you a $1.75 restocking fee instead.

    amazing what the internet can turn up!

  3. also it seems that when they “sell” it to u after the 7 days it’s not at the regular $20-30ish u might expect to pay for a dvd. they sell it to u at the outragous price they
    pay to stock to dvd which can run up to over $100!

  4. Use NetFlix if you can (I even though I don’t).

    I wrote a fun article for Film Threat (magazine) years ago on the “free” movies that you can get at Blockbuster: the educational/training videos (not sure if they still offer them). I grabbed about eight or ten tapes, hefted the stack to the coutner, and enjoyed the expression on the clerk’s face as he repeatedly scanned the barcodes of the boxes and came to a total of $0.00. Then he said that I have to rent at least one “real” movie. Bastard. Still, I made a profit selling the piece to the magazine (a full page article–think it was in the Madonna issue).

    Don’t support Blockbuster.

  5. Haha! Sued! Another problem I foresee with this revolutionary new system is people (not me) coming into the store and hearing “sorry, that video is out. And it has been for 2 weeks. No I cant tell you when we’ll have it back because we don’t expect it back on any specific day.”

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