Saint Valentine Died for your Sins

This time last year I was mentoring Liam, running Freeport D&D adventures, having a short stint at the gym in Coquitlam with Anghold, and going to Hell’s Kitchen. This according to last year’s calendar. Before my blog, the calendar was pretty much my diary, and each entry read “meet this person here at this time” or “played Power Enterprise with these people.”

This time this year, I visited Marlo for a special Valentine’s date. I got her some rosy quartz dice from Drexoll Games and they went over big. I also got her a Dragon Magazine and wrote her a special little true story. She got me Desert Sessions 9/10 and a big heart-shaped box full of chocolates (and some jelly beans a couple days ago). Easily my best Valentine’s Day in as long as I can remember. Yay for Torlo!

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  1. I am glad that the special dice went over big! My sweetie got me lots of chocolates, and I’m almost sick from eating them all but I can’t stop. 😉

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