The Necronomicon Files

A funny thing happened at work today – I found that we carry a book that I did the cover artwork for. Jamie said “kind of depressing isn’t it?” to which I replied “yes. Yes it is.”

Another amusing thing is as follows: I grabbed (“picked”) a box from overstock because there weren’t enough on the shelf to fill my order (it was “Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” in case you were wondering). Taylor also needed a copy of the book, so he grabbed what he needed. Then he made to put the rest of the books on the shelf for me, and I said “how come?”

He said, “just being nice.”
“But this isn’t the warehouse of nice.” I said.
He countered with “Sure it is. There’s niceness all around you, Toren.”

Then a few minutes later, I got in trouble from Sefic for putting the books on the shelf with their box. I just laughed, but I didn’t say anything (except I told Taylor). I guess he expected me to go back and fix it (I can never understand what he’s saying), because a few minutes later Sanjay – the warehouse manager – came up to me and he also told me not to put books back on the shelf in their box. I whispered “it wasn’t me.”
Sanjay asked “who was it?”
I said “Taylor – but I already told him about it. I’ll go and fix it.”

The ironing is delicious.

And those are the most interesting things that happen to me at work. EXCEPT today we listened to QMFM for a while, and that was great.

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  1. So you ratted Taylor out? I thought you changed, man. It’s still Me-First Atkinson, isn’t it?

  2. Man! I hope you’re going to keep quiet about that payroll heist you and I pulled.

    I… D’OH!

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