So this coming weekend is the big fat gaming convention that we like to call Weathertop. A great deal of my free time has been spent in preparation for this weekend of fun and frivolity. Unlike the last couple of conventions, I will actually be PLAYING some games, rather than just running games, and watching the door. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going to run a new scenario of Spaceship Zero on Saturday, which I am testing out with Taylor and Nathan and others on Thursday. Wednesday night will probably be the last night I can just chill out and relax before the weekend.

The rest of February looks to be full of exciting things. I’m having a Miniature Painting Potluck Party on…the 10th I think. And it’s Janet’s birthday on the 12th. Maybe the 18th or 19th would be a good night for a movie night with the usual suspects, and maybe the 16th or 23rd for another game night at Sherane’s. And the 8th is Nirvana Day so I’ll be sure to listen to “Love Buzz.”

Then in March – the Saturday Morning Cartoon Party. Awwwww yeahhhhh.

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  1. according to my Simpsons calendar, Kurdt Cobain’s bday is Feb.20th. you might want to shoot for that as your Nirvana day. you know, if that kind of stuff influences your decisions.

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