Well why did you keep it a secret?!?

So they’re cancelling Enterprise…just when they’re getting to the stuff that I always hoped they’d do – the formation of the Federation. True, Archer sucked, and so did T’Pol with her pouty collagen lips and refusal to be Vulcan. In fact the only characters that I really like are Phlox and Hoshi, in that order. And let’s not forget Jeffrey Combs. It seems such a shame that my wish to see a Star Trek series that used space suits was finally granted, and I only got 4 seasons. Yet Voyager got 7.

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    Let’s start an online petition for them to get their own series. Because online petitions are the way people are changing the world these days.

    And on their show, they could travel into the future and hang out with Bashir and Ezri Dax. And then Picard and Data could come. It woudld be the best Star Trek series ever because it would have all of MY favorite characters. We could even give them an Enterprise, and call it the Enterprise K, or whatever letter they’re up to now.

    If there are typos in this, I blame the format of this comments thingy. I can’t see what I’m typing when I get to the edge of the margin.

  2. Yeah that is annoying. I don’t know why that is.

    Maybe they could join the Time Police, or whatever they’re called – since they’re from different eras. But because time stories are so overdone in Trek, their first mission would be to make sure time travel isn’t possible anymore, and then they’d just hang out and wait for the holodeck to malfunction.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise.

  3. I gave up on it after the last ridiculous season. Season 1 was great and full of potential, Season 2 was a misfire and they didn’t seem to grasp that their job of coming up with story ideas was easy (as you said, “Forming of the Federation”) and instead did that ridiculous time travel junk. Season 3 was a kick in the balls as they tripped through “anomalyland”. The worst thing about Trek is the whole “anomaly” explanation for everything weird. And that season, they went through a section of space that was almost nothing but anomalies. BAH. So we quit watching. I haven’t seen much of this season at all, but I heard it was better and more on track, but I think S3 really did it for them.

    What’s sad is that nobody will recognize that the writers and producers failed in their jobs, but instead will think “Nobody is interested in that time period”.

    At least we’ve got Battlestar Galactica, not only doing it right but doing it GREAT.

  4. I finally got into it this season because of Manny Coto and what did they do, cancel it!! ! But is this just a ploy. They say they are cancelling early to allow the team to write a series finale, but maybe they want to generate lots of news, see if the ratings increase and save it at the last minutes “because we owe it to our loyal fans” type thing. Hmmmmm…

    Anyway, I liked the under current and hints about T’Pol exploring her Vulcan roots and religion. I figured that this was heading somewhere!


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