Okay Okay, Carrie.

Who can recommend a karoako place in town that isn’t the Dufferin?

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  1. Well, I’ve been to the Robon Karaoke box, but you’re not singing for a crowd – it’s private rooms. If you have a party of people, awesome. Otherwise, not so much fun. There is a place on Broadway, at about Main, the Uranus lounge, which rumour (ie Taylor) has it is a strip club on one side and a karaoke bar on the other. I’ve never been, so I’ve no idea what it’s like, but I can only assume it’s cleaner and with newer fixtures than the Dufferin. I’ve been meaning to have a look one of these days.

  2. I should clarify that when I say strip club on one side and karaoke bar on the other, it’s not one big open space with nude women on one half of the room and Japanese businessmen belting out Piano Man on the other, but rather it’s two seperate lounges, operating under the one club moniker. Though when you think about it, I’d be Japanese businessmen would pay good money at a place where the two are mixed.

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