Since my Disney’s Tomorrowland DVD showed up, my thoughts for the cartoon party have all been spacey. I’m pretty excited. That tomorrowland DVD is really cool. Educational and the art is fantastic. I can watch those things while I draw, and there’s 8 hours of stuff. I sought it out after I saw the Mars animation at “The Animation Show” put on by Don Hertzfeldt and Mike Judge last year. It’s fantastic in the true sense of the word. There’s lots of Werner von Braun, too, the guy who developed the V2 rockets for nazi Germany. He has a huge segment talking about a space station and the rocket that would launch from it to see the dark side of the moon. Keep in mind this is all post-war, pre-moon landing. Taylor and I were making bad jokes at work about “zis is der space ztation, vhich is vhere ve send all ze ‘spezial’ people. Iz zhere air up zhere? Ve don’t know?” But in reality von Braun was pretty crummy at being a nazi.

So, cartoons. Rocket Robin Hood obviously. Star Trek. Maybe the Heavy Metalesque Star Wars cartoon from the holiday special (1st appearance of Boba Fett). The ghostbusters in space. Duckman’s sendup of Star Trek. Galaxy Trio. 1960’s Spider-Man (there is a space one). Fantastic Four (have you seen the trailer for the movie? I don’t like it). Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot (the one that spoofs HAL). Justice League, clearly. Herculoids, Freakazoid, Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Mooninites, anyone?). Jonny Quest and the Venture Brothers. Ren and Stimpy (“Space Madness”). Maybe Thundarr the Barbarian & Reboot. Ripping Friends. There is a spacey Samurai Jack episode but it’s not my favourite. I can’t think of a spacey Powerpuff Girls episode. Oh yes – The Tick (Omnipitus!).

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  1. don’t forget Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century. there is also that new Duck Dodgers cartoon but I’m refering to the original.

  2. The new Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 century is worth it just for the Tom Jones singing intro! Of course it is quite funnt too.

  3. I don’t really care for the new Duck Dodgers, I’ll tell you right now. Although I have only watched 1 episode.
    As for Star Blazers or Robotech – I don’t have any! I do have BATTLE OF THE PLANETS thought!

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