Interesting music stats

I got this from Palle today:

Over 58% of the 44,476 albums released in 2004 didn’t scan 100 units.
82% of all records released didn’t scan 1000 units.
95% of all records released scanned less than 10,000 units.
Only 58 albums scanned 500,000 or more, accounting for 15% of overall business.
Only 42 albums scanned 1,000,000 or more, accounting for 31.65% of overall business.
This includes compilations.

5 Replies to “Interesting music stats”

  1. In ten years brick and mortar delivery of music, movies and such will be dead. Trust me. Dead as the telegraph.

  2. And out of those 42 albums selling 1 million or more, how many of those bands made a lot of money and still got to own their music?

    This just reinforces my point that artists should just self-publish on the Internet — you’ll reach a much larger audience and that’s more people wanting your T-Shirts and coming to see you at shows.

    Screw the RIAA and their promises of rock stardom and riches.

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