They took the punk out of steampunk

Today I went to Imperial Hobbies with Marlo and we bought some miniatures. The Arcana Unearthed line has some pretty cool figures, but I’ve always been wishy-washy about picking any up. Today I got a cool Inshon that could pass as a hydronaut for Spaceship Zero, and a mohj, which is like a lizard man. Marlo wanted to get a DM screen, but they only had the Dragonlance one (poopy) and the one that comes with the d20 modern screen (unnecessary). We spent a goodly amount of time there and I only got through about half of the Reaper miniatures on the wall. So many I wanted to get, like the “demonic lasher” (aka Yeenoghu), the demon lord of gnolls.

We went to the Aberdeen mall next and I saw in a Japanese toy store a really cool little steampunky figure that I would have bought, except that it’s one of those “collectible” things like Heroclix, D&D miniatures, and those little action figures that are kind of Lego-ey but not Lego. You buy a box and you’ll get one of 7 toys. I am sooooo not inclined to spend ten bucks on something if I don’t know what it is. I only really liked 2 of the 7 figures. I didn’t like those odds. And I refuse to support that ridiculous marketing scheme. I call shenanigans on that.

All three of our bus rides sucked, by the way. On the way to Richmond, there were some bratty kids and their bratty dad or big brother or whatever, who were so annoying that we got up and moved away from them, only to end up next to some dim-witted high school man-twits. Between Imperial and the Aberdeen mall we had to endure short, weird, talk-to-everyone-but-say-nothing guy who may or may not have had some kind of disability. Lastly, on the way home our feet were so tired that we were looking forward to sitting down, but the bus was just crowded enough that we were two of a handful of people who couldn’t get seats. Frustrating. But the good news is on Sundays I ride for free with Marlo because she has a pass!

Next weekend: Chilliwack and Karaoke with the Woods’ and more!

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  1. I have a D&D 3.5 GM screen that came with Dungeon or Dragon mag. It’s not bad and I never use it, so Maro is welcome to it, and as it’s free you just can’t pass up this Beck Sales Event!

  2. Okay, the Con or if I’m at Toren’s before that, I’ll leave with him. Now start planning the TPK!

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