Honour your parents.

My girlfriend is learning how to be a Dungeon Master. How awesome is that? The answer is: plenty awesome. I want to be a wizard. No, I want to be a totem warrior from Arcana Unearthed. No, I want to be a halforc monk. No, I want to be a…

We played a game of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on Saturday and I played the “ops” guy, whose name was Lieutenant George Thampy (“Spellbound” fans take note).

3 Replies to “Honour your parents.”

  1. Hey, there was a reason! To get away from all the aliens! The thing I didn’t like about that scenario was that we could have done absolutely nothing and it would have turned out the same way. In fact, I would say that we pretty much did absolutely nothing anyway. Would have been fun to fire on the Ferengi though. And then screw with their rules of acquisition main database.

  2. bwaaaaaaah…..godlen. Can DS9 fly!?!?! Take full advantage of Marlo being DM, wow, the possibilities……

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