I forgot armed robbery was illegal

I had a bunch of ideas of topics to blog about all this week, but I have forgotten about each one. So let’s talk about my memory.

My memory’s for shit. I’d like to say that it’s all the drugs I’ve done, but in fact the only drugs I’ve done besides the 4-5 times I’ve been drunk and the 3 cigarettes I’ve done plus over the counter or prescription drugs has been one joint that I smoked in 1992.

I’ve been given the old “I guess I’m not that important to you” because I’ve forgotten about dates I’ve had with people. That’s not a fair thing to say, as I forget about things that are extremely important to me. Including taping cartoons!

Speaking of cartoons: another year means another annual Saturday morning cartoon party! Here’s last year’s entry for those who are not familiar with this phenomenon: http://www.thickets.net/toren/archives/2004/02/21/
I’m not sure what the theme will be this year, but the first thing that comes to mind is “homages.” Actually the first thing that comes to mind is polar bears, because my Greenpeace calendar has a photo of them on it. In which case, I can think of the Jonny Quest episode “Arctic Splashdown.” I might have this year’s cartoon party on the 19th of February.

Poor Greenpeace. They think that because I sent them some cash a few years ago, I’m going to do so every year. So they keep sending me calendars and address labels.

4 Replies to “I forgot armed robbery was illegal”

  1. Well I’m sooooo there. I credit last years event for causing my diabetes, so you know it’s full fo sugary goodness! Let me know if you need any cartoons, as I have all the J. Quests, some Disney collections (Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Mickey) and Warner Brothers stuff.

  2. given your ponderence of polar bears, you could go for an arctic/ice/snow theme. just an idea. after all Captain America was thawed from ice after years lost in the Arctic. or was that Antarctic?

  3. Your problem is………..YOU ARE NOT SMOKING ENOUGH MARIJUANA!! That way, people would understand, “oh, well, no wonder, he smokes too much pot! Besides, it is a great aphrodisiac. Not that its needed, mind you, it just is. Ah, and its great for muchies too, mustnt forget that. What was I saying………uh, nevermind.

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