There's snow business like snow business like snow business I snow

I just deleted over 500 spams from my blog comments. I have to do that every couple days.

I walked home from Marlo’s today in the snow. At first I waited at the bus stop on 25th because I thought I might be too cold for the whole half hour + walk, but when the bus came and went, packed full of people, without stopping, I went ahead and walked. I’m glad I did. It was quite pretty. I like watching the snow fall, especially at night under the street lights. And I saw people shovelling their walks and I wanted to say “shouldn’t you wait until the snow stops falling before you do that? That’s like pulling the plug out of the bathtub while the water’s still running.” There were also dogs & kids playing in the snow, and even a mom pulling her kids along in a toboggan. I have to go out again to the record company, and this time I get to wear my boots – for the first time this season! Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Get Puck to install some antispam plugins for your blog. I only need to delete one or two every couple weeks; all the rest are automatically deleted by the server.

  2. I added a quick thingie to my blog that asks a simple question and requires the correct answer before your comment will go through. Sure, it’s one more little hoop for human’s to jump through, but I haven’t been invited to any 0nline Vegas-like activities since installing a month ago. See also some of the systems that will “tar pit” spammers, making them sit there for a long time, holding up their scripts and generally making things annoying for them (oddly, they don’t like it when their script goes from 5,000 spams a minute to 100 an hour).

  3. Hrm. I thought I’d fixed that for you. Gimme a sec and it’ll all be good.

    Ok, fixed. The main way to solve this is to rename the wp-comments-post.php file. I can also install the Spam Karma plugin which will stop the rest. Sorry about that, I’ve got a half-dozen blogs to update every time someone ruins them with their obnxious behaviour.

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