Oh I know! – that damn muffin!

Marlo and I had our first fight today. It lasted about 5 minutes. I started it, over a muffin. Then we kissed and made up.

5 Replies to “Oh I know! – that damn muffin!”

  1. I blame those damned Tim Horton’s muffins with extra-chunky chocolate chips… CURSED chocolate chips!

  2. I personally blame Mr. Woods, who has not update his blog since Christmas and has left you two with way to much time to get into mischief! Muffins are just the symptom of a general lack of insight from ” Loagie From Bus Fumes”. Time to look to Star Trek novels and Potter porn.

  3. Why is it that couples always fight over really small stupid shit…like muffins? I mean, i’m sure there was more too it, but…it’s a muffin?….but at least she didn’t try to stab you, you’ve always got that.

  4. Stabbing people is a bad thing?

    Apparently not in my world. Pulling a knife on my girlfriend was what cemented things for us. Ahhh, first dates…

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