The Life Oneiric with Toren Atkinson

This morning I had an interesting dream about zombiepocalypse. Hordes of zombies were running around biting people, and I was running away from them, and sometimes hiding. I had a lot of trouble convincing non-zombies of the real danger. I went into this building and met, in a loft, three young people – a goth girl and her boyfriend and some other guy. I told them about the zombies and that we had to find somewhere to go, but the boyfriend said something to the effect of “cool! Let’s go kick the shit out of them up. I’ve had enough of this Wiccan peace bullshit” – recanting his whole gothy lifestyle to go beat up zombies. The other guy went with him so I was left with the girl (who also tried to talk them out of it). I asked her if there was any place she knew of that we could go that was safe and defensible. She wasn’t the ideal crisis companion either and we shortly were separated. I bumped into a bunch of zombies on a lower level of the building but I tricked them into thinking I too was a zombie and I pointed in some random direction suggesting that there were more brains to be eaten “that way”. Defense through misdirection!

I saw The Life Aquatic with Marlo and Stewie and Taylor the other day and I loved it. I laughed so hard during the scene where…well I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice it to say I heartily recommend it. I thought that Owen Wilson’s acting was good, and that everyone else’s was great. Willem Defoe’s role was my favourite that I’ve seen him in in any movie (I’ve seen (or heard) him in Shadow of the Vampire, Spider-Man, Finding Nemo, Basquiat, Cry Baby, Last Temptation of Christ, and Platoon). The music was what you’ve come to expect from a Wes Anderson film, with a couple surprises. It was much better than Cats. I’m going to see it again and again.

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  1. If you liked Willem Defoe’s performance in LA, you should check out “Boondock Saints”. Nuff said!-Jeff Curtis

  2. Thanks Marlo for the great picts. Really enjoy viewing them. I sent a msg. to Merrick on his text msg. service. Have no idea how much it will cost him.
    bye for now, Mom

  3. One of my favorite Defoe roles is in Streets of Fire. Entirely cheesy and over the top. When he was doing press tours for Last Temptation, some interviewer brought up the part, including a clip from the climactic sledgehammer fight between him and the hero, trying to embarrass him, and Defoe commented that it was one of his favorite roles.

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