Violence on the big screen and the little screen

So – House of Flying Daggers. Very very pretty. And an excellent movie…until the end. I don’t want to SPOIL anything for you, because it’s still worth seeing, but the ending is ridiculously drawn out and melodramatic. The fight scenes were excellent and they weren’t just cut thrust dodge parry, they used the environment to excellent effect. I think sometimes wuxia films go a little too far with the superhuman abilities, and that’s never more clear than in House of Flying Daggers. Jumping really high – practically flying – I’ve accepted that. Throwing knives and having them defy the laws of physics like Batman’s batarangs…that’s a little tougher to swallow.

The Christmas season doesn’t have much tradition for me…except the playing of Baldur’s Gate. Last year I didn’t have much time to waste, but this year (once my last drawing assignment was finally pegged) I have had plenty of free time, which I am putting to good use putting xvarts and tasloi to the sword. Hey – I think I’ll go do that now.

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  1. Suggestion for people giving gifts to Toren for his birthday, or even a late Cthulhumas prezzie:
    Neverwinter Nights!

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