OK let’s see now…

For Christmas…

I got…

Some awesome brown and orange Converse shoes from Marlo. SO EXCITING!
An uglydoll (“Target“) also from Marlo. Very cute. He is the sentinel of my bed, along with my plush squid.
Some raspberry rhubarb jam, which I haven’t tried yet. From Marlo’s folks.
A little puzzler tile game which was fun.
A 365 trivia calendar
Sripey socks! Three pairs! From Marlo!
A paper cat from Paul/Kelly/Kelly’s sister whose name I forget but MIGHT be Nicole.
Something else that I forget, but somebody will remind me and then I’ll edit this post and this sentence will be completely replaced.

Plus the stuff I’ve already mentioned.

On boxing day I bought myself a couple of roleplaying books (maps, actually – 2 sets of generic maps) and the Metric album and the new Helmet album which I didn’t even know existed until I was standing in line at Virgin. Marlo also got me some more D&D minis which is good – we got (amongst others) the myconid and the dire fiendish weasel. Seriously. Still hoping to find the gibbering mouther