Women and seamen don't mix

We played D&D last night and it was fun. The gang is on board a galleon. They’ve had to be hired on as workers, which required a lot of shenanigans, since none of them (except the NPCs) have any sailor skills. The ship is under command of their enemies, so they have to constantly be careful not to expose themselves. This is particularly difficult because Paul’s wizard character used a magical ‘hat of disguise’ to get on board the ship (wizards are not allowed) and they are now travelling through a zone that negates magic. This zone surrounds an island called The Flame of Mesir-Ramok. The island is all that remains of the domain of an ancient dragon god-king, who was so nasty that all the other gods got together centuries ago to destroy him and his continent.

Anyway, Marlo’s spindly elf character (Marwen) couldn’t pass as a sailor, so she was trained to be the cook. So far, even though she took 6 ranks in the Profession: cooking skill, she’s rolled a 1 for both consecutive meals she’s prepared for the crew, and the officers are demanding that something be done about her. The salty sea-dog captain, who has a thing for elves and orchestrated the whole arrangement for Marwen to be cook in the first place, told the crew he’d see to it “personally” and demanded sexual favours from her, otherwise who knows what will happen.

Meanwhile the wizard spent the last 24 hours hiding in the spare rigging or throwing up from seasickness, or both. It’s pretty entertaining as a DM.

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  1. Poor Marwen. She cried a lot. But she, Sarah, and Mira have already worked out an Operation: Bloody Vengeance agains Captina Kazak w once we reach the island.

  2. And don’t think that Sarah isn’t just itching to kill someone now that she’s seen that traitorous Kubolth. He might be out of her reach, being a demi-god and all, but she can certainly take pleasure out of smacking the snot out of Captin Kazak!

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