Activate Cloaking Device. And by that I mean 'put on the cloak'

The nice, velvety cloak I’ve had for years in my tickle trunk belongs to Jon Metzger. I met Jon when I met Nathan and Devin, years ago. When I moved into Vancouver, I didn’t know anybody, so I went to The Comicshop and put a little ‘want ad’ on the bulletin board. It read something to the effect of “I want to play Call of Cthulhu.” Likely it was slightly more clever than that boring sentence. Regardless, I didn’t really care to play CoC, I just wanted to meet people who played CoC because I knew we’d get along. We actually ended up playing my one and only game of Vampire. Or…wait…actually I think Jon did run a game of CoC…using the Dreamlands. I digress.

Jon came over tonight to pick up his cloak. His friend Iman is going to somebody’s Hallowe’en wedding so he wanted to borrow it. I haven’t seen Jon for a long while. I see his dad more often than I see Jon, just because his dad seems to be wandering around downtown whenever I go. I used to use him as a model for my illo photos a lot. He makes an excellent, if thin, viking. His painted likeness made it into Dungeon magazine when they converted to 3rd edition, and is on the cover of The Necronomicon Files. The last time I saw him he had long hair, and gave me a CD of his music. It’s still around somewhere (the CD, not his hair) but I can’t remember the name of it. We talked about the VIFF (Jon always sits in the front row) and being ‘artists’ with day jobs. He finally got internet access. I explained how my phone to email ratio is about 1:300. It was a pleasant chat.