Have I mentioned this already?

A little while ago I deleted my friendster account. I never liked friendster, really. Sometimes I hated it. It was novel at first. One thing that especially irked me was the people who have over 100 people on their ‘friends’ list. I guess different people use it for different things. I chose to take the ‘friends’ in frienster literally. I had a policy where if I didn’t actually see you regularly, or if you weren’t in Vancouver – basically if you weren’t actually my friend – I wouldn’t approve your ‘friendship’ request. To me friendster is mostly a thinly veiled dating service. Why would it be used for anything else, when any decent email program has an address book that you can just make a ‘friends’ entry for your bulk emails? When I did occasionally visit the friendster website, which was primarily when I got an email saying that I had a message (it would be too easy for friendster just to forward the actual message to me), sometimes I would check the ‘gallery’ to see if any of my friends had friends of friends who were single. Nothing ever came of it – I never emailed someone to say “hey – you don’t know me, but you do know John who knows Sally who knows me, so hey…how about a date, huh?”

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  1. Yeah I remember something like that. Those were good times. But sometimes you’ve got to put the past behind you. Instead of beside you where you keep bumping elbows in narrow corridors that lead to the bathroom in malls.
    And now that the introductions are over, and we’ve got one another’s email address memorized – who needs Friendster now?

  2. yeah 🙂 my sentiments exactly. i recently deleted my frienster account too. i guess i agreed with what zefrank had to say about it. and i never used it for anything interesting anyway, so it was a waste of cyber-space.

    still, just to show what a hypocrite i am, i haven’t deleted my orkut account yet and i’m back on okstupid. i’m still not sure why. either i’m in denial, or i figure – when in rome, do as the romans do 😉

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