It's a snap!

On Tuesday Marlo and I (well, mostly Marlo as I was drawing) made more ginger snaps. Things went slightly awry when Marlo put in 3 times as much molasses. Oh, Marlo. We tried to compensate with my elite math skills, but we only had so much flour and we ended up burning a bunch of the batch (or, if you prefer, a batch of the bunch) anyway. But burnt snaps are better than no snaps at all. I just had to dig out my scraping knife.

We also watched 3 of the 4 remaining season 2 Enterprise episodes and an episode of Home Movies.

Tonight I finally finished my Black Company art. While I worked, Stewie printed up a bunch of ‘Where the Great Old Ones Are’ Thickets shirts, and we watched Payback with Melg Ibson. They smashed his toes with a balpeen hammer and then he tore a hole through the back seat of a limo and squirmed through it from the trunk. Silly. Tomorrow I take a break from drawing for D&D for playing D&D (quel ironie!) and on Saturday it’s Chris & Angie’s Hallowe’en party. Since our rock show this Friday got cancelled, we must take the greyhound out to Chilliwack again, unless Stewie decides to rent a car. Toot toot!

Oh a tugboat whistle goes toot toot toot!
It toots high
And it toots low
But the toot toot toot don’t mean a hoot
It’s the chuga chuga chug that makes it go

That was from a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon.
You’ll remember this one from the episode where Bugs takes that little circus penguin that cries ice cubes to the north pole:

Bugs Bunny he came to Martinique
When he arrived he was pretty weak
His knees look like they would buckle in
His tribulations caused by a penguin
Now he’s built a boat on which they both could leave
He hope that fickle fate have nothing up her sleeve
If he can accomplish this daring thing
A miracle to Martinique Bugs did bring

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