For Pete's Sake

I really should be drawing instead of writing this – but yeah.

There’s this guy at work, whose name is Pete, who seems like an okay guy. Most of the people who work there are…I’m sure they’re nice people, but they’re just not my style. I kind of feel guilty about how much I keep to myself there. Various people ask me questions – about my hair, my other job, what kind of music I listen to, etc. I keep my answers succinct. Yes and no whenever possible. I have a bad work attitude, and this is it: leave me alone, I don’t like being here. Anyway – Pete. He and Jamie are friends (Jamie got me the job there, he’s an old friend from Duthie’s) so I figured I’d test him out. So we pass one another in the rows of books occasionally and I’ll drop a question on him out of the blue. For example, has he seen the Big Lebowski, does he listen to Tenacious D, and that sort of thing. So far his answers have been excellent. That’s encouraging, but he must think I’m a freak. But he did tell me yesterday morning about how Hallowe’en was banned at a school in…Puyallup I think, because they’re worried it might offend (get this) wiccans.

2 Replies to “For Pete's Sake”

  1. Well, Hallowe’en does stereotype witches as ugly, warty, broom-flying old hags, or at least it did before Harry Potter came out. If I was a witch, I would take great offense at this; it could undermine the great respect the world (or I guess just Puyallup) has for witches!

  2. That’s….bizarre. Understandable, but bizarre. Banning Holloween for any religious reason is pretty ridiculous. People just need to get over themselves.

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