That’s the exchange rate right now. I remember when it used to be about 1.6

In all my time flying in airplanes, I don’t remember ever seeing a commercial pilot who wasn’t white, and over 40. I wonder if they have to stay clean-shaven, too, or if they’re allowed to grow beards. You know you’re in for a world of heartache if you’re lifelong dream is to be a 747 pilot and you’re swarthy.

On Tuesday night Marlo and I made vegan ginger snaps. They’re not as sweet as I’m used to, but they’re still quite tasty. Strangely the organic maple syrup was slightly cheaper than the regular kind. I guess it doesn’t make that much difference when you come straight from an old tree.

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  1. I’ve seen asian pilots. They were Canadian Air Asian pilots so it’s not like I was flying Air China and saw Asian pilots. One would be pretty surprised to see whitey flying an Air China plane.

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