This is for my benefit, not yours

So everyone knows that Mr. Wendy, the “unofficial” spokesperson for Wendy’s, gets paid by Wendy’s, so he is in fact an official spokesperson. Right? Okay good.

Let me recap my weekend for myself:

Friday night: I don’t know what happened except that I slept over at Marlo’s (EDIT: Marlo dyed my hair blue and we watched Home Movies and Enterprise).

Saturday: took the Greyhound (too early) to Chilliwack;

Geoff Edwards picked us up and took us to his recording studio in his lovely home. The recording went well except I mispronounced ‘Miramichi” so the whole thing has to be redone (I’m redoing it tomorrow).

Met with Chris & Angie at Bibles for Missions, where I bumped into my old boss, Dave Short (the Book Man). Missed band practice, unfortunately. Our band has lousy communication so I didn’t know if it was happening until Friday, and I didn’t know when exactly it was happening until it just about started.

We went to Value Village. Between the two thrift stores I got a handsome new pair of pants ($4) and a nice silky shirt ($6).

Lunch at the Airport Cafe was goooood – they had the hashbrowns I like. And we had scrumptious pie.

Chris took photos of Marlo and I for a future painting. We got to see all the paintings in progress. Fabtabulous stuff as always.

Sushi for dinner at a joint downtown that was pretty good. There are only a few things on a sushi menu that I am inclined to eat, now that I am going to stay away from yam tempura for a while.

Watched some self defense videos, Mr Show and a David Cross tour documentary. Cross is funny, but he sure was an asshole to some people. Sea Biscuit (the chihuahua) slept in Marlo’s crotch. I was jealous.

Sunday: breakfast and some Star Wars trivial pursuit. I goofed on an easy question at the beginning, opening up the board to Chris. The thing about SWTP is that the turns go on forever, because we’re all experts on Wars trivia, it’s hard not to get a question right. Except the ones about X-Wing pilot actor names.

Lunch at Husky. Worst experience I’ve had at the Husky House – I ordered nachos. The nachos were the kind you get in bulk at the Save-On-Foods and the cheese was processed. No guacamole either.

Stopped at Save-On to take advantage of the bulk bins. There is nowhere within walking distance of my place that has bulk food. Don’t tell anyone, but I mixed in the more expensive chocolate covered coffee beans and macadamia nuts with ‘bridge mix.’ Then we stopped in at The Book Man. I was hoping to get Marlo a discount on the kung fu book she bought but the person at the till was a stranger to me.

Chris drove the four of us and Sea Biscout out to Krispy Kreme where I bought 2 donuts for myself, 1 for Stewie, and 1 for Marlo. One donut I got for free and shared. Then Marlo got dropped off at home and so did I.

A joyous venture all round and one that we shall make a habit of. Look out, Chilliwack, Torlo’s back in town.

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  1. Don’t forget to bring your Sunday clothes next time so I can take you to one of the many ‘Christ-a-thons’ held at Chilliwack’s ten-thousand churches. Oh and bring your bathing suits so you can be baptised in my own personal baptismal font/hot pool. Just by living in Chilliwack you are automatically ordained as a minister of your choice. I prefer to baptise my followers in Cheese Whiz because I’m a member of the Divine Church of Kraft. You’ll have to convert of course. It’s tastier that way.

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