I think what I’ll do is instead of have a filter for spam emails, I’ll make filters for all the people I know, and they’ll go into a folder that I will call…AAAAA1PLUMBING. Yes, after 10 years with the same email address, spam has gotten that bad. Oh, I like this idea and I’m excited.

ps – If you want to hear the creeeeepy noises that my cat makes, head over to Stewie’s blog.

3 Replies to “SINBOX”

  1. For Eudora you need the “pop3 Proxy”. That’s a little program that runs on your computer and gets your email whenever Eudora requests it and passes it through, checking each piece for spam as it does. You change Eudora to check “localhost” instead of whatever your mail server is, and then put your proper settings into Spambayes’ settings.

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