I Can't believe it's not butterday

It’s already the 12th? Crazyness.

Tonight I played D&D. It was mostly the party trudging across the blighted hills without incident, but there was an encounter with strange beetle swarms, and a rogue displacer beast. Then when they used the cromlech to mystically transport to the continent of Maal, they appeared in the middle of a fight, and couldn’t see much because of the mist (a byproduct [biproduct?] of the teleportation) but they were attacked by these floating demonic jellyfish which had paralytic venom in their stingers, and that’s just for starters.

Today I did some voiceover work, but due to confusion about the time difference between here and PEI, I couldn’t get ahold of the director so I had to direct myself. I hope they turn out alright. Right now I’m uploading angry amounts of wav files to the ftp space I got in a trade for a gmail address.