They told me it was a good idea…

…so I thought I’d share it with you.

Whenever I save a file to my hard drive that I know is only temporary, I save it with the word ‘toast’ in it. So, let’s say I’m downloading an exe file to install a new program, or I’m saving a jpeg that I want to convert to a gif and then send it to someone. When I hit SAVE AS I’ll add the word ‘toast’ into the file name, so the file ilikeyourwiggle.jpg becomes toastilikeyourwiggle.jpg or ilikeyourwiggletoast.jpg or some such.

Then, when it’s clean up time, I just do a search on my hard drive for the word ‘toast’ and when they all come up I can send them to the trash can with…as Grand Moff Tarken says…one swift stroke!

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