Wonder Toren Power – ACTIVATE!

Sixteen episodes of original Superfriends (1973) plus 16 episodes of All New Superfriends Hour (each of which actually consists of 4 different tales) (1977) plus 16 episodes of Challenge of the Superfriends (1978) plus 24 episodes of World’s Greatest Superfriends (1979) plus 62 shorts plus 8 episodes of Legendary Super-Powers Show plus 8 episodes of Galactic Guardians equals 150 episodes of Superfriends, only one of which I am missing (Shark Attack) as of receiving a new tape in the mail today! Neato.

One Reply to “Wonder Toren Power – ACTIVATE!”

  1. Score! But gotta peev you bit that you’re missing only the one episode! Here’s hoping you eventually find it! And a few more for good luck!!!

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