I'm the Queen of France!

I was up until 5 this morning trying to find new music to listen to and get excited about. I’ve been re-writing the business card that I keep all my musical interests on so that when I go into a record store I’ll have the list to refer to so I don’t just stand there in the aisles thinking “what kind of music do I like?” So far, the system is thus: BLACK INK – bands that are still making music that I know I like and I have some albums of, and I’m just waiting to buy more albums. BLUE INK – soundtracks I need to pick up. TURQUOISE INK – bands I’m definitely interested in spending some quality time with at the listening station:

Eagles of Death Metal
The Dwarves
Abandoned Pools
Get Up Kids
Illyah Kuryahkin
Neutral Milk Hotel
Cibo Matto
Lali Puna
Buffalo Daughter

PENCIL – bands I’m not solid gold sold on but I would consider hearing more:

Orange Goblin
Frank Mills
Douglas Irvine
Fucking Champs
The Shins
Hot Snakes
Bloodhound Gang (there’s a lot of pseudo-rap from these guys online which I am not keen on at all, but other songs rock out)

As a result of my not getting to bed at a decent hour I missed out on Bon’s breakfast this morning and probably a few good garyardage sales. I did make it out at about 1:30 and checked out 3 sales, but all I came back with was an old copy of National Geographic. Luckily when I got back, somebody had chucked 4 magazines (various titles) in the recycling box in the foyer so I snatched them and I’m going to look at themmmmmm….


Don’t forget kids! Before you throw out those old mags, give me a ring-mail!

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  1. If I could recommend one band you look into more, it would be hot snakes. personally I love hot snakes but i loved Drive Like Jehu which is the band that hot snakes formed from. besides, any band with a song entitled Gar Forgot To Take His Insulin is ok in my books.

    I’m not sure you’d like Cibo Motto but who can tell? I’m not that fond. Gomez might not be your thing either. They are brit-pop, a musical catagory unto its own as far as I’m concerned. Usually not a very good one either.

    I’ve never heard Illyah Kuryahkin. Let me know what they are like.

    As for the rest, try at your leisure.

  2. Check out a group called Trans Am next time you’re on iTunes or some other music sampling service. I highly reccomend them. Plus, dont know the extent of your music collection, but maybe also check out Le Tigre, Spitalfield, Ima Robot, Alpinestars, The New Deal and the Bombay the Hard Way compilations. All very good bets for hours spent jamming out at the listening kisoks.

  3. I have a Trans Am album but I really only like 1 or 2 songs on it. I have heard a lot about Le Tigre but I have never heard them. I’ll check out those others you mentioned – thanks Corey!

  4. Having just one Trans Am album doesn’t really do the band justice…well, at least thats my opinion with most bands. Very rarely do I come upon an album these days where there are more than three songs that deserve to be put on repeat in winamp. May I suggest sampling some more of their stuff at Emusic.com. Check out the songs Cold War (Bombs and More Mix), Strong Sensations, Night Dreamings [which sorta reminds me of Buckaroo Bonzai’s ost in a way], Music For Dogs, June, Orlando, The Dark Gift and Remote Control.

    Oh and if you need a dose of bubbly indie/pop (not sure if you like pop at all) that wont make you want to blow your brains out…try listening to some Tahiti 80. The songs Antonelli, The Train, A Love From Outer Space will kind of give you an idea of what they are all about.

    Hopefully the links work for you.

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