Parents Strongly Cautioned

More rating…for everyone to enjoy

Marlo’s “indie rock” mixed CD (to me)

Peaches ‘Fuck the Pain Away’ 3 stars (in a weird inexplicable way)
Metric ‘Combat Baby’ 3.5 stars (I like it!)
Sleater-Kinney ‘YI wanna Be Your Joey Ramone’ 2
Sleater-Kinney ‘You’re No Rock ‘n’ Roll Fun’ 2.5
Sleater-Kinney ‘Sympathy’ 1 (not a fan of the singing I’m afraid)
Moldy Peaches ‘Steak for Chicken’ 1
Cat Power ‘Nude as the News’ 2.75
Elliott Smith ‘Everything Reminds Me of Her’ 2.75
Kind of Like Spitting ‘Blue Period’ 2
Hayden ‘We Don’t Mind’ 1
Hidden Cameras ‘Ban Marriage’ 1
Modest Mouse ‘Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset’ 2.5
Modest Mouse ‘Dirty Fingernails’ 2
Modest Mouse ‘paper Thin Walls 2.5
Q and not U ‘Hooray for Humans’ 2.5
Mountain Goats ‘Family Happiness’ 2.5
Neutral Milk Hotel ‘Two-Headed Boy’ 3
Ugly Casanova ‘Hotcha Girls’ 2.5
Microphones ‘The Glow pt 2’
Spoon ‘Lines in the Suit’ 3

Results: I need to check out more Neutral Milk Hotel and Metric

12 Replies to “Parents Strongly Cautioned”

  1. i have a bunch of metric if you want it. i would say that i am over neutral milk hotel. way too ‘hit or miss’… mainly, they miss.

  2. I agree with Anghold. And I am currently obsessed with Metric. But cannot forgive you for giving “Ban Marriage” a 1. The Hidden Cameras deserve your love.

  3. Don’t be too upset Y – many bands that havesomesongs. I would give another Hidden Cameras song a chance.

  4. Hidden Cameras, coming your way. Oh Gmail.

    i would like to know what the ratings are based out of. I assume 5 but i’m not sure.
    YES!!!! Ha ha, sweet sweet corroboration.

    They’re out of 4. Toren is “against” the 5-star rating system.

  5. out of four? i know he’s a bit chubby but who does toren think he is? Roger Ebert? get with the five star system pal!

  6. I don’t really care which system our little critical society uses, I just wish we could decide on one or the other and stick with it. My whole problem with the five star system is that it’s not used as much as the four star system, therefor by popular demand I am sticking with the 4 star. And I rate this comment 3/4.

  7. whatever system you use (and i don’t care which one you use either) just let me know what system you are using by providing some informative feedback. for example don’t say that song is a 3. say that song is a 3 out of 4. then it doesn’t matter what system you are using, me and everyone else will know what kind of rating system we have to work with.

    we can all work together and make this world a better rated place if we just try a little harder.

  8. But Warren – clearly if you’ve read this entry you’ve read the one right below – “Peebles are Peebles So Why Should It Be?”

  9. nope. i was just interested in the music rating hence my initial comment…

    “i would like to know what the ratings are based out of. I assume 5 but i’m not sure.”

    and as you pointed out, no one seems to stick with one system so i was left to guessing which one you were using. which is why i requested a some feedback.

  10. dude, that means the overall average rating per song is 2.25. I’m not sure if the mix tape was just a little above mediocre and I suck, or if you’re just cheap about handing out stars. I think I like 5 stars better because there are more options. Does 4 stars in the 4-star rating system mean that the song is perfect and you could listen to it for the rest of your life?

  11. Marlo, I do not hand out the stars wantonly – not very many songs get 4 stars even in my own collection. There are many songs by my favourite artists that get 1s. There were 3 songs on your CD that I liked and I’ll be looking into the artists so that’s a resounding success in my book. I have finally decided that I am not a fan of Sleater-Kinney though.

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