Listening to the Fugazi album Repeater in its entirety tonight really “took me back” to the “good” old “days” of 1990. The other day when I was in Virgin with Sid I was reading the song titles on the back of a Pixies album that I haven’t had for years, and same thing. And a certain something about the announcer telling me not to miss Three’s Company overtop of the end credits for Superfriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show whisked me, disconcertedly, back to a very specific “feeling” of 1984. For a moment, I was there in the basement of our home in Chilliwack, in the same room I taped The Real Ghostbusters religiously every Saturday morning. I remember for a while they were airing on two different channels – two different episodes. Maddening. Well, Captain Star starts in 8 minutes, I better get my tape ready. The more things change….

3 Replies to “Whoosh!”

  1. Happy Birthday ya nostalgic old fart! Bev. watched the Superfriends for the first time the other day and kept mentioning that Superman
    looked like he was wearing a rug!


  2. happy birthday! Yay!

    And that is all.
    Oh yes, there’s more: I started making you a birthday card, and suddenly — without warning — it turned into 4 hours of labour on Illustrator. The brand-new mouse that I bought at your b-day auction may have had something to do with it. Then, I had the audacity to steal the image for my own website. For shame.

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