Peebles are Peebles So Why Should It Be?

Saul Rubinek – you’ll remember him as Keivas Fahjo from the ST:TNG episode “The Most Toys” – is in the film Baadasssss! which is playing at Tinseltown this week. It gets 3.5 stars (out of 4, Yvonne). Lets go see it and then sneak in to Garfield, Riddick, or Van Helsing. Or all three. And Adrian invited me to a press screening of Spider-Man 2 on Monday and I am going to take full advantage of that!

Vivian from my bank called me today. On a Saturday. Weird! She asked me out for dinner – haha, no, she told me that my GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) has matured and so I deposited it into my checking account. Three years ago I had absolutely no line of credit so the only way I could get a credit card was to take $1000 out of my account and have it held in this GIC. And that’s twice the limit of my card. This is all so exciting that I better stop writing before everyone starts to expect this kind of amazing story-telling every day.

Today methinks I shall draw and then Marlo & I are going out for a late-night bike ride tonight.

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