Catechysms on Oak St

Kodos has been sick the past few days, but I think he’s getting better. Maybe he was just sick about Stewie being gone for so long (Toronto). He threw up quite a bit and I caught him trying to pee on things that aren’t supposed to be peed on (least of all by him), and sometimes succeeding. Well – I was going to throw that jacket out anyway. I was suspecting at first that it was the dry cat food I’ve been feeding him – you’re not supposed to feed male cats dry cat food because crystals build up in his urinary tract – it’s all very complicated and sciencey- any vet will tell you. But, I think he just had kitty flu. But – I won’t be feeding him any more of that dry cat food for a while, I’ll tell you that. So there is constant vigilance over here, but luckily I know Kodos well enough that I almost have a sixth sense when something is going wrong. For example if you’re in the living room and eating a burrito and he’s not by the couch pawing at your leg, shenanigans are afoot. There’s a trick I learned on my very own to make sure Kodos is getting enough liquids – dip him in the sink. It’s probably a bit on the traumatic side for him but then he slinks off and spends the next hour licking himself so its win-win. Uh, both of those wins are for me, by the way. Sometimes when I’m in the can he’ll wander in and start meowing, so I turn on the bathtub faucet just a tiny bit, and he’ll drink from the stream, constantly sneezing as water gets in his nose (he’s a bit of an idiot). It’s a well-documented factoid that cats prefer to drink water when it’s running. Who can blame the little cuties? I’m sure you feel the same way. I used to keep a bowl of water by his food bowl but instead of drinking it he’d just knock it over from time to time (see idiot note above), and that’s in everyone’s worst interests.

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  1. Can you take him to a vet or are your finances shaky? What you’re describing would make me worry that he had injested something bad or had a blockage.

    Poor Kodos. What are you feeding him? My male cat had a urinary infection a year or so ago. He decided to let me be aware of his discomfort by peeing on my pillow…while I was using it. I still feed him a high quality dry diet. I’ve never had a vet tell me otherwise. (I would like to go raw but I need to get a deepfreezer first.)

    Have you tried putting water in strange places? I have a couple of bowls spread around the house in corners and nooks and the cats seem to enjoy that. I find that keeping water by the food dish just asks to be spilled in the feeding frenzy. Of course I have many more cats than you. 🙂

  2. It won’t let me comment on the entry I want to.

    You will convert me to god when my COLD, DEAD HANDS. Got it?

  3. I could take him to the vet and my finances are shakey – but I think he’s over his cat-flu. His appetite has returned, he’s not throwing up, and he’s diligently using the litter box.

  4. OH NO!! It’s not the dry cat food I gave you is it? Because I am confident it was THAT CAT FOOD that drove Hero away from me. Why else we he leave me after a year? I mean, it wasn’t like I was dunking him in sinks to get enough liquids into him…

  5. He ate through the bottom of the bag to get to that cat food, Jef – I had to throw it out! Don’t worry, I don’t not love you though!

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